Wheaton Montessori School

I teach in a primary class at Wheaton Montessori School, in Wheaton, Illinois. It is the school our three children attended. The people I work for and with are smart, experienced, observant and compassionate. We love it.

Montessori Education Podcast

Jesse McCarthy is a positive, affirming, curious and very active voice for Montessori parents and educators. His podcast is fun and interesting, and carefully structured to meet the needs of busy families. Jesse is particularly good at helping people who are new to Montessori understand what makes it different.

Professional Organizations

Two reputable organizations offer training and reading for teachers and parents:

I learned a tremendous amount in AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) training.

The American Montessori Society is an active, diverse community, with an awe-inspiring online community. The resources for teachers and parents are beyond compare.

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