The Spiritual Life of a Child

We know how in well-led Montessori classes the children often have a remarkable susceptibility to holy and divine things. . . .we often find ourselves with unexpected revelations.                                                             –Maria Montessori, God and the Child, 10 Sami had just finished reading the introduction to our Parts of the Frog booklet.  DefinitionContinue reading “The Spiritual Life of a Child”

What Would Montessori Do?

Because we are opinionated and sentimental, my family subscribes to both the Chicago Tribune and The New York Times.  I grew up with the Tribune and we remain Chicago sports fans, but the paper is in decline, a thin relic of its former self.  We subscribe to the Times because the quality of the writingContinue reading “What Would Montessori Do?”

Montessori’s Aeroplane

Passage to Abstraction There is nothing in the intellect which was not first in the senses. –Aristotle When our oldest son was six years old, he arrived home from school one day in an unusually chatty mood.  “Mom,” he said. “Did I tell you I can do division abstractly now?  You know, in my head?”Continue reading “Montessori’s Aeroplane”

Screen Time and Childhood

Years ago the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy statement addressing children’s screen time that created a media hubbub.  The statement was weak and ineffective. The ruckus was in grand disproportion to the Academy’s ho-hum recommendation that parents “avoid television for children under the age of two years”  (Brown 2011).  It generated no positiveContinue reading “Screen Time and Childhood”

Why Montessori?

Preaching to the choir A persuasive tone in speech and writing lends an urgent and important feeling to any topic.   Then again, talking or writing persuasively about the benefits of a Montessori education before an audience of parents whose children are thriving in Montessori classrooms is a little silly. Parents who attend school meetings andContinue reading “Why Montessori?”